The Pegasus PA-RR-340-7 redundant servo-actuator is based on the main components of our well proven PA-R-340-7 industrial servo.

Pegasus redundant servo actuators are stand-alone solution. All redundancy related process decisions are performed internally by the actuator. The advantage: No additional engineering for modified autopilot systems, no redundancy related decisions to be proceeded by the autopilot, the only necessary requirement is that we need two identical channels for each redundant servo actuator. In case of a component failure a specific warning signal will be reported to the autopilot. Our redundant actuators will perform their full torque, rotational speed, and bandwidth – even after a single point failure incidence.


Continuous torque 850 Ncm (1203,70 oz-in)
Max. torque > 1800 Ncm (> 2549,02 oz-in)
Operating voltage 24 V DC
No load speed 200 °/sec @24VDC
Weight 1100 gr. (38,797 oz)
Travel angle 315° (PA-ME³ / redundant contactless angle sensor)
PC-Board dual servo controller - with digital position feedback
Signal Redundant RS485 data protocol
Motor dual BLDC motor, Neodym magnet
Gear train hardened steel, spur gear type, 10 ball races or roller bearings with PA-SC overload protection output shaft
Case aluminum, water- and dust protected (IP67), with solid horizontal and vertical 4-point fixation

Documents - Datasheets

general information for Redundant Actuators Download PDF 108 KB
drawing_PA-RR-340-7-C-24-C-315-00 Download PDF 192 KB
Datasheet Download PDF 2 MB


PA-Control 3

PA-Control 3 programming tool to parameterize your redundant Pegasus Actuator.

PN-14950001 More Info

Programming cable for RR-340, RR-720 Actuators

Programming / Adapter Cable to connect an RR-340 or RR-720 type Actuator to the PA-Control 3.



Aluminum universal lever with grooves to create holes or threads and to shorten it. For R-340 or RR-340 type Actuators, 8mm square.

PN-13407045 Download PDF


Aluminum universal lever blank quarter. For R-340 or RR-340 type Actuators, 8mm square.

PN-13407421 Download PDF

Extension cable for R-340, R-440, RR-340, RR-720 Actuators with Glenair 801, 10-202 connector

1m cable with a mating Glenair Series 801 size 10-202 connector mounted and sealed on side 1 and an open end on side 2.


Mating Connector incl. Pins For Actuators with Glenair 801-size 10-202, black

Glenair 801-007-16ZNU10-202SA, Aluminum / Zinc-Nickel with Black Chromate, including 8x Glenair 809-002 (AWG22-28) and 2x 809-111 (AWG16-20) Socket Contacts.