Customer developments, special products

In case our standard product line does not exactly meet the requirement, we can either offer OEM (COTS) made versions of our actuators or develop an actuator solution exactly meeting our customer's requirements.

Smaller? The PA-R-800

The PA-R-800-9-C-24-C-180-00 OPV servo actuator: One of our OPV manufacturing customers asked  for an "integrated" version of the PA-R-340-9 with electromagnetic clutch. We developed a new, more compact, weight and space saving case that integrates the actuator components and the PA-RA-4 electromagnetic clutch assembly.


For a customer´s HALE uav we developed redundant servo actuators with an integrated (redundant) heating system to keep all internal components within their environmental / temperature specifications.

The simplex duplex PA-R-340-7

Additional security without increasing complexity: PA-R-340-7 with PA-RA-4 magnetic clutch assembly - fully redundant, simplex duplex configuration.