The Pegasus PA-RR-260-8 is world’s first small redundant servo actuator for safety critical unmanned systems, enhancing servo-actuator reliability to an unparalleled level.

The Pegasus redundant servo actuator is a Stand-Alone solution, meaning that all redundancy related process cycles are performed internally by the actuator. Our redundant actuators will perform their full torque, rotational speed and bandwidth – even after a single point failure incidence. Together with our PA-RA-3 electro magnetic clutch assembly it makes a most reliable OPV servo.


Continuous torque300 Ncm (424,84 oz-in)
Max. torque> 500 Ncm (> 708,06 oz-in)
Operating voltage24 V DC
No load speed 210 °/sec @24VDC
Weight2480 gr. (87,5 oz)
Travel angle315° (PA-ME³ / redundant contactless angle sensor)
PC-Boarddual servo controller - with digital position feedback
SignalRedundant RS485 data protocol
Motordual BLDC motor, Neodym magnet
Gear trainhardened steel, spur gear type, 8 ball races with PA-SC overload protection output shaft
Casealuminum, water- and dust protected (IP67), with solid horizontal and vertical fixation

Documents - Datasheets

Data Sheet Download PDF629 KB


PA-Control 3

PA-Control 3 programming tool to parameterize your redundant Pegasus Actuator.

PN-14950001 More Info

Programming cable for RR-260 Actuators

Programming / Adapter Cable to connect an RR-260 type Actuator to the PA-Control 3.


Extension cable for R-205, R-250, RR-260 Actuators, RA-OPV Clutches with Glenair 801 size 6-7 connector

1m cable with a mating Glenair Series 801 size 6-7 connector mounted and sealed on side 1 and an open end on side 2.


Mating Connector incl. Pins For Actuators with Glenair 801-size 6-7, olive

Glenair 801-007-16NF6-7SA, Aluminum / Cadmium with Olive Drab Chromate, including 7x Glenair 809-002 (AWG22-28) Socket Contacts.


Mating Connector incl. Pins For Actuators with Glenair 801-size 6-7, black

Glenair 801-007-16ZNU6-7SA, Aluminum / Zinc-Nickel with Black Chromate, including 7x Glenair 809-002 (AWG22-28) Socket Contacts.