PA-Control 3

Our redundant PEGASUS-servo actuators are parameterizable, this means that the PEGASUS PA-Control 3 programming tool enables you to tailor the actuator parameters to your needs. The programmability is a user option. All our actuators come preprogrammed and are ready for action right out of the package. The PEGASUS PA-Control programming tool is updateable and allows firmware updates of the PEGASUS servo actuators.

Modifiable parameter:

  • Limitation of end positions
  • Adjustment of total deflection angle
  • Neutral position adjustment
  • Direction of rotation (cw / ccw)
  • Baud rate modification
  • Select actuator ID
  • Display of redundancy errors


Product characteristics:

  • Operation through Windows GUI surface
  • Programming and parameterization of all redundant Pegasus actuators
  • Actuator (Servo) tester
  • Angular position display of output shaft
  • USB port
  • Polarity reversal protection
  • Firmware updatable
  • LED status indication
  • Motor temperature display