The PEGASUS PA-R-135-4 micro-low-profile-servo is currently the world’s smallest professional servo-actuator of its class.


Continuous torque 30 Ncm (42,48 oz-in)
Max. torque > 60 Ncm (> 84,97 oz-in)
Operating voltage 6, 12 or 24 V DC
No load speed 410 °/sec @06VDC
405 °/sec @12VDC
405 °/sec @24VDC
Weight 65 gr. (2,293 oz)
Travel angle ± 90° (standard PA-ME / contactless angle sensor),
alternative angles on request
PC-Board digital - programmable - with differential, analog sensor feedback
Signal PWM signal, TTL level (standard configuraton)
PWM signal, differential (RS485 transceiver) (optional)
or RS485data protocol (optional)
Motor DC motor, Neodym magnet
Gear train hardened steel, spur gear type, with PA-SC overload protection output shaft
Case aluminum, water- and dust protected (IP67), with solid horizontal and vertical 3-point fixation

Documents - Datasheets

Specifications Download PDF 2 MB
drawing PA-R-135-4-X-XX-X-XXX-X0, Actuators with cable pigtail Download PDF 149 KB
drawing PA-R-135-4-X-XX-X-XXX-X3, Actuators with Glenair 881 connector Download PDF 154 KB
performance-graph_PA-R-135-4-C-06-X-XXX-XX Download PDF 138 KB
performance-graph_PA-R-135-4-C-12-X-XXX-XX Download PDF 116 KB
performance-graph_PA-R-135-4-C-24-X-XXX-XX Download PDF 114 KB


PA-Control 2

PA-Control 2 programming tool to parameterize your industrial Pegasus Actuator.

PN-14850011 More Info

Adapter MTA100-DE9 for Actuators without connector

Actuators ordered with Pig Tail but without connector will be manufactured with a Tyco MTA100 connector, to connect those units to the PA-Control 2 the MTA100-DE9 adapter is required.


Programming cable for R-135 Actuators with Glenair 881 connector

Programming / Adapter Cable to connect a R-135 type Actuators with Glenair Series 881 connector to the PA-Control 2.



Installation frame for R-135-4 Actuators.



Aluminum universal lever with threads. For R-135 type Actuators, 5mm square.

PN-11354025 Download PDF


Aluminum universal lever blank quarter. For R-135 type Actuators, 5mm square.

PN-11354026 Download PDF


Aluminum universal lever with grooves to create holes or threads and to shorten. For PA-R-135 type Actuators, 5mm square.

PN-11354045 Download PDF

Extension cable for R-135 Actuators with Glenair 881 connector

1m cable with a mating Glenair Series 881 connector mounted and sealed on side 1 and an open end on side 2.


Mating connector for Actuators with Glenair Series 881 connector

Glenair 881-001P-A-B7N-ZR004J5-24, Aluminum/zinc-nickel, non-reflective with RoHS compliant black chromate.