Our PEGASUS-servo actuators are parameterizable, this means that the PEGASUS PA-Control programming tool enables you to tailor the actuator parameters to your needs. It is suitable for all specified input signals.

The programmability is a user option. All our actuators come preprogrammed and are ready for action right out of the package. The PEGASUS PA-Control 2 programming tool is updateable and allows firmware updates of industrial PEGASUS servo actuators.

Modifiable parameter:

  • Limitation of end positions
  • Adjustment of total deflection angle
  • Neutral position
  • Direction of rotation (cw / ccw)
  • Activation and adjustment of the failsafe position
  • Dead-band - input signal
  • Dead-band - actuator sensor
  • Select actuator ID (RS485 actuators)
  • TPS (trajectory profile selection)

TPS: The trajectory profile of our actuators can be adjusted in 5 steps.

An adjustment for a soft acceleration to the maximum rotational speed and an equally soft deceleration to the required angular position will reduce the energy consumption of the actuator and will prevent the components linked to the actuator from high mass inertia loads.

If high speed positioning is the main concern, a hard adjustment with short acceleration and deceleration phases can be chosen.

Product characteristics:

  • Operation through Windows GUI surface
  • Programming and parameterization for industrial Pegasus actuators
  • Actuator (Servo) tester
  • Angular position display of output shaft
  • USB port
  • Firmware updatable
  • LED indication of input signals (TTL / RS485)
  • Motor temperature display