The PA-RR-720-7 type servo-actuator with 35Nm maximum torque is the powerhouse of our redundant actuator product range.

Pegasus redundant servo actuators are stand-alone solution. All redundancy related process decisions are performed internally by the actuator. The advantage: No additional engineering for modified autopilot systems, no redundancy related decisions to be proceeded by the autopilot, the only necessary requirement is that we need two identical channels for each redundant servo actuator. In case of a component failure a specific warning signal will be reported to the autopilot. Our redundant actuators will perform their full torque, rotational speed, and bandwidth – even after a single point failure incidence.

Configuration and request

Actuator type

RR-720 – industrial / rotary / 72,0 mm wide

Torque index

7 – Continuous torque: 2000 Ncm (2832,24 oz-in)


Nominal operating voltage

Input signal type

Travel angle

Revision index