Pegasus Actuators GmbH - Products

There is a wide range of industrial actuator products and redundant uav/rpv servo actuators available, please make your choice.

Industrial Actuators - Electromechanical Rotary - for use in various applications

Industrial Actuators

PEGASUS industrial servo actuators are electromechanical drive units of extraordinary power density, precision and reliability.

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Redundant Actuators – electromechanical with rotary output- for safety critical unmanned systems such as UAV, RPV, OPV

Redundant Actuators

For operating the control surfaces of UAV, quality RC hobby servos and high grade multipurpose industrial actuators have become firmly established within the UAV community. Although a lot of effort has been invested to improve the reliability of such servos, there is still one main drawback: Any kind of component failure can result in a total loss of the air vehicle. Particularly in UAV helicopter applications, there is little chance to support system reliability by adding more actuators to operate the main rotor swash plate or the tail rotor sufficiently in case of an actuator failure.

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Customer developments, special products

In case our standard product line does not exactly meet the requirement, we can either offer OEM (COTS) made versions of our actuators or develop an actuator solution exactly meeting our customer's requirements.

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