Servo-actuator: PA-R-205-4 - multi-turn solution

Customer specific development of a multi-turn version of our PA-R-205-4 actuator. This special actuator is intended to move an antenna.


Continuous torque: 40Ncm (56 oz-in)

Max. torque: 100Ncm (140 oz-in)

Operating voltage: 24 V DC

Rated current: 170 mA

Travel angle: ± 540°

No load speed: 100°/sec

Pc-board: digital - programmable - with differential, analog sensor feedback

Signal: PWM signal, differential (RS485 transceiver)

Motor: DC motor, Neodym magnet

Gear train: hardened steel, spur gear type, 6 ball races with slip clutch PA-SC

Weight: 155gr. (5.47 oz)