For applications where the PA-RR-260-8 type actuator seems to be just not powerful enough, the Pegasus PA-RR-260-9 type will generate the missing force to support your demand.

The Pegasus redundant servo actuator is a Stand-Alone solution, meaning that all redundancy related process cycles are performed internally by the actuator. The advantage: No additional engineering for modified A.P. systems, no redundancy related decisions to be proceeded by the A.P., only necessary requirement is that we need two identical channels for each redundant servo actuator. In case of a component failure a specific warning signal will be reported to the AP. Our redundant actuators will perform their full torque, rotational speed and bandwidth – even after a single point failure incidence.


Continuous torque: 400 Ncm (560 oz-in)

Max. torque: > 700 Ncm (> 992 oz-in)

Operating voltage: 18 - 32 V DC

Travel angle: 315° (PA-ME³ / redundant contactless angle sensor).

No load speed: 170 °/sec @ 24 V DC, 210 °/sec @28 V DC

Pc-board: dual servo controller - with digital position feedback

Signal: Redundant RS485 data protocol

Motor: dual Hi-Output BLDC motor, Neodym magnet

Gear train: hardened steel, spur gear type, 8 ball races with PA-SC overload protection output shaft.

Case: aluminum, water- and dust protected (IP67), with solid horizontal and vertical 4-point fixation.

Weight: 575 gr. (20,6 oz)