The Pegasus PA-RR-260-8 is world’s first small redundant servo actuator for safety critical unmanned systems, enhancing servo-actuator reliability to an unparalleled level.

The Pegasus redundant servo actuator is a Stand-Alone solution, meaning that all redundancy related process cycles are performed internally by the actuator. Our redundant actuators will perform their full torque, rotational speed and bandwidth – even after a single point failure incidence. Together with our PA-RA-3 electro magnetic clutch assembly it makes a most reliable OPV servo.

Configuration and request

Actuator type

RR-260 – industrial / rotary / 26,0 mm wide

Torque index

8 – Continuous torque: 300 Ncm (424,84 oz-in)


Nominal operating voltage

Input signal type

Travel angle

Revision index

OPV Connector