July 2020

Our Canadian customer LAFLAMME AERO INC. developed the  LX300 Tandem Rotor VTOL UAV helicopter.

With its unique capabilities it is best suited for commercial applications. The LX300 tolerates high winds and can operate in harsh conditions. David and Enrick Laflamme of LAFLAMME AERO INC. depend on our Pegasus PA-R-340-7 type servo actuators to position the LX300´s tandem rotor swash plates !

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September 2019:

Pegasus collaboration with the tactical UAV designers from AUTH,

Greece has entered a new era in the design, development and production of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and its Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachinery (LFMT) was a pioneer and a key player in this effort, starting with the HCUAV RX-1. With a rather conventional, boom-mounted inverted V-tail configuration, the RX-1 made its maiden flight back in 2016. 

Shortly after, the LFMT made a breakthrough by initiating two new, UAV-design related projects: The DELAER RX-3 and the MPU RX-4. The RX-3 is a tactical UAV that will be able to cover large-scale surveillance missions and swiftly deliver 50kg of useful payload via airdrop in times of crisis or rescue missions, whereas the RX-4 is a micro, versatile UAV that will be able to cover surveillance-related missions at almost any terrain using its novel VTOL and hovering capabilities.

The three robotic unmanned airborne systems, RX-1, RX-3 and RX-4, were presented at the Thessaloniki International Fairs (TIFs) that took place in 2016, 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Pegasus Actuators supplied the control surface actuators for those systems.

Professor Kyros Yakinthos, Director, Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachinery Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki had this to say about us: 
"Thank you guys! I really appreciate your support and your will to help us!"

DELAER RX-3 with the AUTH team

May 2019

Pegasus Actuators GmbH supplies redundant servo actuators to the Technical University of Darmstadt, Flight Systems and Control Technology for the SiFliegeR aerospace research program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.


RR260-8 on the test rig

Pegasus Actuators GmbH - certification according to ISO 9001:2015

Pegasus Actuators GmbH - ISO 9001:2015

March 2019

Pegasus has been certified by the German certification institute TÜV SÜD according to ISO 9001:2015 in March 2019.


Elektra Solar GmbH

Elektra Solar GmbH, is an official spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and a manufacturer of highly sophisticated ultralight solar powered aircraft. The company owns and controls various intellectual properties and, in additionally to the aircraft offers rights for system components, such as engine and autopilot. The aircraft are available as optional piloted (OPS) or unmanned (UAS) versions. Depending on the payload, the aircraft are used for scientific and surveillance tasks.

Visit: www.elektra-solar.com for more information

ELektra Solar GmbH - E1
ELektra Solar GmbH - Elektra Two with brake parachute
ELektra Solar GmbH - Elektra Two OPS on airfield

"Watch the Elektra Two Solar optionally piloted air vehicle and its autonomous take off, way-point flight and landing, all controlled by our PA-RR-340 type Redundant Actuators featuring the additional Pegasus RA-4 type OPV clutch assembly"

April 2018

Pegasus supports the  "FVA"  i.e. Aviation Association of the technical university Aachen and their FVA 29 project with PA-R-250-8 servo actuators.

The project comprises the development and integration of a retractable propeller / electro motor / assembly and a battery unit into a ASW 28-18 glider aircraft.

For details please check: www.fva.rwth-aachen.de

Flugwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Aachen

March 2018

Pegasus Actuators manufacturers DO 178/254 complying, certifiable UAV servo actuators.

Pegasus Actuators GmbH provides DO 178C/DO 254 certifiable control surface actuators

Vanilla Aircraft VA001

January 2017


Setting World Endurance Record.

Our customer Vanilla Aircraft proves to be Anything but Plain.

The diesel powered unmanned airplane VA001 pushes the envelope for low-cost, long-range persistent flight.

For more info: http://www.darpa.mil/news-events/2017-01-04

DSDI  - Drones et Systemes de Drones Innovants S.A.S., decided for Pegasus PA-R-135-4 type servo actuators

April 2016


Mr. Emeric Sergent of DSDI has this to say about Pegasus.


"Our DSDI engineering team was investigating for the perfect servo actuators to match the design criteria of the current UAV project. Pegasus PA-R-135-4 type servo actuators therefore were the best choice to achieve reliable service under the most adverse conditions.

They present small form factor, high dependability implementing safety functions such as overload protection, high grade interface using RS485 data protocol, differential position feedback and high ingress protection rate at IP67 level."


"That is why DSDI has chosen Pegasus to equip their UAV product range with their latest technology."


For more information please visit: www.dsdi.fr

Aero Composites Innovations

January 2016

Since early 2014 we are in contact with Aero Composites Innovations, a uav manufacturer of some extremely promising designs like the R2 UAV product range!

President M.François Varigas has this to say about our product: "We have chosen them for their high quality (made in Germany) and their exceptional service life"

For more information please visit: www.ac-innov.com

August 2015

Mr. Yeong Hur of Georgia Insitute of Technology informed us about the
"Adaptive robotic helicopter landing gear", a system that can handle
touching down in unaccommodating environments.

Until the legs can be tested on a full-size helicopter, Georgia Tech is
perfecting them on their GT- Rotor BUZZ, a large unmanned helicopter.
Here it demonstrates a landing that would be completely impossible for
conventional helicopters.

These legs operate independently of each other, and each one has an
embedded distance sensor to measure how near it is to the ground. They
automatically put themselves in the perfect position to make a smooth,
level landing every time. When not in use, the legs fold up and out of
the way.

The control actuation of the vehicle has exclusively been supplied by
Pegasus Actuators GmbH

March 2015

Since 2009 we have been in contact with the Vanilla LLC development team. Now in March 2015 we received a call from co-founder Jeremy Novara saying „Well we finally did it“  

All aerodynamic surfaces of the Vanilla ULE unmanned aircraft are controlled by Pegasus  PA-R-250-8 and PA-R-205-4  type actuators.

Falls Church, Virginia, March 2, 2015. On February 25,  the VA001 Unmanned Aircraft System successfully completed it´s maiden flight. The 36-ft wingspan Ultra-Long Endurance (ULE) aircraft has been  designed to fly missions of up to 10 days. The aircraft (N240HR) launched carrying an 18-lb simulated payload and sufficient fuel for a 24-hour flight. Powered by an efficient heavy-fuel engine, the UAS flew autonomously under a Certificate of Authorization (COA) in the national airspace at altitudes up to 6000 feet MSL before landing, meeting all test objectives. “Today, the team’s hard work really paid off – the airplane flew beautifully and showed all the performance we expected. This maiden flight test provided validation of the VA001 design and its remarkable capabilities.” stated Neil Boertlein, co-founder and Chief Engineer for the VA001. 

Vanilla LLC - VA001
Vanilla LLC - VA001

OPV redundant servo assembly

PA-R-340-9 in redundant servo assembly
PA-R-340-9 in redundant servo assembly

October 2014

In 2014 we received an order for a small batch of redundant duplex actuators for one of our customer´s optionally piloted (air) vehicles (OPV)

We combined two PA-R-340-9-R-24-C type actuators with our unique pc-board arrangement and two magnetic clutches. The result is a redundant actuator assembly that can optionally be engaged or disengaged by the pilot in order to operate the aircraft either as a uav or conventionally piloted.

The entire development, design, realization, assembly and testing was performed by Pegasus Actuators GmbH within a time frame of 4 months from date of purchase order to shipping date!


April 2014


Chief engineer Rupert de Salis presents the CGE Wind-e20 vertical axis wind turbine design.

- Watch the video and find out more about this interesting project. -


Airbrakes have been incorporated to adjust the speed of rotation. The video shows the Pegasus-PA-R-340 type actuators operating the airbrake flaps.

October 2013

Since 2007 our customer Swiss AG trusts in our Pegasus PA-R-205-4 servo actuators to control their Neo S-300 VTOL UAV,

consequently they decided for our PA-R-205-6 type actuators in their latest Neo-350 VTOL UAV.

Swiss UAV - NEO-350
Swiss UAV - NEO-350
Swiss UAV - NEO-350
Swiss UAV - NEO-350

Pegasus Actuators to support french EOLE program

September 2013

The Eole airborne demonstrator is a development coordinated by ONERA, it is part of the Perseus student program, CNES being the contracting authority. The demonstrator is a scaled model for 


Eole airborne launching demonstrator model in the throat of Onera´s L2 wind tunnel

This scaled model (1/2.2) is evaluating the flight dynamics, there are plans for rocket launches to take place in a specialized facility by the full version. It is fully autonomous apart from the take-off and landing and it operates within a 30km range. The demonstrator has a wingspan of 6,7 m, a weight of 100 kg and a payload of 50 kg. It can fly up to 8000 m (~26k ft) with maximum speed of 0.6 mach. It can drop its payload at 4km while flying at 0.2 mach. The demonstrator aircraft in the pictures has been designed and manufactured by well known french aerospace contractor Aviation Design (http://www.aviation-design.fr) Eole is propelled by two AMT Titan turbojet engines. All contol actuators have been supplied by Pegasus Actuators Gmbh, manufacturer of high reliability industrial servo actuators.

Now that´s one big scale model aircraft !

August 2013

Christian Wolf and Uwe Grevsmühl went for the big stuff when they decided to turn a real „L-Spatz“ glider aircraft made by German manufacturer Scheibe Flugzeugbau GmbH in 1959 into an RC airplane. For to get airborne the guys installed a 3W 4 cylinder 45 hp engine.

Christian Wolf and Uwe Grevsmühl in front of the L-Spatz

For contolling the gentle giant they rely on 7 units of our Pegasus PA-R-340-7-C-24-A-180-30 servo actuators which handle the required torque of 7 – 12 Nm to operate the aerodynamic surfaces without effort.

The Emcotec company designed a customised power supply on aviation industry safety level.

„We will perform several demonstrations like aerodrome circling flights during international flight shows..............no aerobatics- just for the fun of it“ says Uwe Grevsmühl.

We at Pegasus say „Break a leg“ and we keep fingers crossed for the two likeable aviators.

The Warsaw Institute of Aviation launches the Phoenix solar powered stratospheric UAV. Pegasus actuators play an essential part in this demanding project.

October 2012

Phoenix is a unique combination of extreme flight duration and stratospheric operating altitude with no regulations limiting the flight route. These capabilities turn UAV into a compelling flexible complement to existing satellite, aerial, terrestrial assets for data acquisition.

Phoenix solar powered stratospheric UAV

Rotor Buzz UAV

August 2011

Senior Research Engineer Mr. Jeong Hur demonstrates the PA-R-205-6 type servo actuator installation inside the Rotor Buzz VTOL UAV airframe during AUVSI unmanned systems convention 2011 in Washington DC.

Mr. Jeong Hur and Mr. Kull in front of the Rotor Buzz
Mr. Jeong Hur demonstrates the PA-R-205-6 type servo actuator installation inside the Rotor Buzz VTOL UAV
close up of the PA-R-205-6 Actuator´s inside the Rotor Buzz

UAS Technologies Ltd. - UAS-20

UAS Technologies Ltd.

June 2011

Israeli uav design and engineering provider UAS Technologies Ltd. has certified the PA-R-135-4-C-24-A-180-30 micro servo actuator for all control surface and engine throttle actuation of their UAS-20 unmanned air vehicle system.

Technical Specifications:

- Wingspan: 4.1m
- Length: 1.6m
- Empty weight: 12kg
- Max. Takeoff weight: 24kg
- Max. Speed: 72 kn
- Cruise Speed: 42 kn
- Max. Endurance: 24 hours
- Flight Ceiling: 16.000 ft 
- Conventional take off and landing from runway
- Catapult start and Net-landing capable
- Fully Autonomous Flight
- GPS and Inertial navigation
- IR day and Night camera
- Real time video down link to ground station

Pegasus Actuators participate world record flight

QinetiQ has filed for three world records for Zephyr, its solar powered high-altitude long endurance (HALE) Unmanned Air System (UAS), with the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), subject to ratification for achieving:

  • the absolute duration record for an Unmanned Air Vehicle – being filed at 336 hrs / 22 minutes
  • the duration record for a UAV (in the U/1.c / 50-500Kg category) – time as above
  • the absolute altitude record for a UAV (in the above category) – being filed at 70.740 ft (21.561 m)

SungWoo Engineering and Pegasus Actuators

Remo-H C100 VTOL-UAV

Like many notable international manufacturers of VTOL UAV´s SungWoo Engineering Co. Ltd. has chosen our rugged PA-R-205-6 equipped with the PA-ME - contact-less position sensor to control the main rotor swashplate, the tail rotor and the engine throttle-flap of their Remo-H C100 VTOL-UAV.

The Remo-H C100 VTOL-UAV is perfectly suitable for applications such as: green crop-dusting, prevention of epidemics, aerial manuring and seeding, crop-dusting on forests & golf courses, real-time monitoring of forest fire control, day&night surveillance of illegal fishing and smuggling, observation of red tides and power-line towers.

UAV - Specifications: 

- Rotor Diameter : 3.2m 
- Fuselage Length : 3.5m 
- Height : 1.05m 
- Width : 0.66m 
- Empty Weight : 60kg 
- Max. Take-off Weight : 100kg